An Italian way for clean beach

Italians found a solution to the beach littering with cigarette butts problem. To the newspaper "Corriere della Sera" are attached ashtrays in the form of green plastic envelope with snap!

In this way, the Italians intend to deal with quite a problem of leaving cigarette butts on the beach and other places. Beach ashtray turn out to be not only attractive but also practical. Their interior is lined with aluminum with the words "I love my world". People for whom smoking is a regular part of sunbathing, can throw cigarette butts inside without damaging the envelope. After taking sunbath, smoker empty the inside of ashtray and wash it. Then the smoker can use it again. The Italian daily "Corriere della Sera" appeals to smokers Italians, to not throw cigarette butts wherever they like.

It is worth noting that cigarette decomposes in about 5 years. Every day on the Italian beaches appear up to 600 thousand cigarette butts. Their length is comparable to the 18-kilometer strech of coastline.

During the first week of August, volunteers handed out to 100 thousand of poeple ashtrays on 300 beaches. Italian way of handling smokers and their cigarette butts is not entirely new, because previously one of the Japanese tobacco companies distributed around the world as much as 3 million such reusable ashtrays useful not only on the beach.