Electric heating - pros and cons

Selection of house heating is one of the most important issues when deciding to build own home. Because on the market appear more and more modern alternatives to traditional coal or wood, the choice has become more difficult, but at the same time, we can choose the ideal solution for our particular home.

One of the most modern technology is heating with electricity. Just a few years ago, when gas prices and heating oil were very low, heating with electricity was unprofitable. However, other types of fuel are becoming more expensive faster than the electricity. If you choose this solution, you have two options - either floor heating, or radiators. Heaters have more power, but also consume more energy, and the floor heating is best suited as “boosters” of a different type of CO.

The advantage of both solutions is that they are maintenance-free. You just have to pay bills and control the temperature, which in the case of electric heating is much more precise than in case of other types of fuel. Another advantage is the ability to pass on a special night fare. Current consumption at night will cost much less (of course the price of consumed during the day will increase), and the heaters can be set so that the energy needed to heat will be extracted the only at night.

Another advantage of this type of heating is relatively low installation price. It depends of course on the surface of the apartment. With an average size home costs are much lower than purchasing an expensive boiler convective gas or oil. Cost of using electring heating is quite high compared to solid fuel installations. But remember that the costs of transport and storage of fuel (coal, wood, oil) do not apply here.

All these calculations are of course modeled and when deciding on a heating type you need to do it again “on your own”.

Electric heating is becoming increasingly popular because there is still a trend of slower growth of electricity prices compared to other fuels. Perhaps, therefore, it is a suggestion for us?