Solid fuel boilers

Solid fuel boilers are the cheapest way to heat your home. Therefore, they are becoming increasingly popular, and manufacturers bring to market more modern, safer and less troublesome in operating solutions.

When buying a boiler, you must first decide which fuel you want to burn. You can choose between coal, bituminous coal and firewood

What kind of boiler you choose, depends on how much time you want to spend on operating it and the amount of money you are able to spend.

The cheapest and most inconvenient to use are boilers with top combustion. They can be purchased for less than 2000zł. The average operating time on one load is 8-10 hours. When deciding on the boiler, you should take into account that you will have to at best 2-3 times a day load the fuel.

Lower combustion boilers are much more modern, more efficient and more environmentally friendly and thus more expensive. However, they are characterized by higher efficiency and longer combustion (about 18 hours).

If, however, you appreciate the convenience and have larger funds, it is worth to invest in a boiler with a fan. The combustion process in managed with the microprocessor which, depending on the temperature of the water in the boiler or in the room, controls the fan and thus provides the necessary amount of air for combustion.

These boilers have thermal protection against overheating, and their combustion reaches up to 36 hours.

For even greater efficiency get a gasifying wood boiler.

Their combustion ranges from few to several hours. The disadvantage is that they can burn only wood with a moisture content of no more than 20%.

The most modern and the most efficient solid fuel boilers are boilers with an automatic feeder. You can control their performance, without losing the efficiency. In addition, by thermostats installed in rooms, the user can control room temperature.

One fuel load is sufficient for 3-7 days. It is a bit pricey but it is worth the money.

Boilers with an automatic feeder show that the use of solid fuels for heating your home can be beneficial not only economically, but can also be quite comfortable.