Gas heating - pros and cons

Every owner of a house will have to answer this question: which fuel is to be chosen to warm up the family nest. The choice is wide, each fuel type has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s have a closer look at one of the most popular sources of heat in houses, this is on gas heating.

Its popularity comes from its many advantages of course, we will present four key ones: efficiency, relatively low price of fuel (natural gas), maintenance-free and environmentally friendly. Natural gas is combusted in a gas condensing boilers. Therefore, the atoms that contain a lot of hydrogen fuel, the combustion produces a lot of water vapor, which can recover energy. This makes the performance of such boilers at the level of even 111%, the highest result among all commercially available fuels.

Now, let us focus on a price. Cost per kilowatt-hour in this technology is only 15 cents. Everyone will admit that this is an excellent result. Of course, this value is averaged, and each individual will have to make calculations before deciding on the type of heating.

The third advantage is maintenance-free. There is no need of adding to the fire, or ordering carriage of coal. Only we we need to pay the bills and control the temperature in the house. Another advantage is environmentally friendly. Fashionable today taking care about the environment will not only be possible with this type of heating, but will require no effort. The use of natural gas produces no ash nor coal dust.

However, behing these advantages are also drawbacks. The biggest of these is, of course, the price of the installation itself. Not everywhere is easy to access the natural gas and installing appropriate pipes is very costly. Also, a modern condensing boiler is a very substantial expense (though it is a disadvantage of all modern heat sources). The cost of gas itself, although very low, can not compete with traditional fuels - coal and wood. We must therefore consider whether the more we appreciate the comfort and maintenance-free, or slightly lower fuel costs.

As you can see this type of heating has many advantages, but also has drawbacks. Everything depends on the individual case and your initial capital. You will definitely want to consider this source of heat.