Heating with oil - pros and cons

Do not kid yourself, the heating is one of the most important things you need to take care of new home. Market's offer for home heating is now very diverse. Hence, how from many different offers and fuels choose something for yourself? It is best to assess the advantages and disadvantages of each fuel.

We will look at oil central heating. It has many advantages. First of all, it provides maximum comfort. Fuel should be refilled from time to time, and not, as in case of many other energy sources, every day. It is also organic, but only if you install a modern type of boiler. Unfortunately, the environmentally friendly is just the process of burning the oil, refining and extraction, which is the same as in the case of diesel, is still very harmful to the ecosystem of our planet.

Another big advantage of this fuel is that it does not require connection to the gas network, which is the biggest drawback of gas heating. However, the advantages of oil heating end here. Its biggest problem is cost, both of installation and its use. A modern condensing boiler for combustion of oil will cost even 25 thousand. Definitely not everyone can afford such an expense, especially as the heating must occur in the home shortly after its placing (high price of the installation is a headache for almost all modern heating systems). Also, the cost of oil will be higher compared to, for example, natural gas by about 150%. The more so that more and more is talked about equalization of excise duty on fuel oil with diesel fuel. When that happens, fuel prices will rise further.

Another field in which oil loses with its biggest rival - natural gas - is efficiency. Efficiency of oil boilers is only 90%, when the efficiency of gas boilers is at the level of roughly more than 100%.

As you can see such a solution has many drawbacks. The undoubted advantage is no need to connect to the pipeline and perhaps first of all it works, when such a connection would be extremely expensive. So it is often a necessity, not a choice.

Of course, all calculations presented here are averages and do not refer to specific cases. Each alone, must mke them for their home before a final decision on the choice of heating is taken.